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If you are thinking about moving computers to the cloud, or implementing your own cloud, we will inform you of all the latest technologies and provide the best solution for you and your company. We will assess all aspects in your network and provide you the best solution. 

We will help you understand and implement what is best for you. Some of our customers are happy with their own Cloud

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Do you have problems with your current network equipment/servers? Are you looking to implement newer technologies? Are you working with a technology project and would like some help? Well, you are in the right place.

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Our profesional staff have the technical skills to help you make the transition from planning to implementing. We provide the resources to help you along your journey and meet your goals. 

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    The Joomla! content management system lets you create webpages of various types using extensions. There are 5 basic types of extensions: components, modules, templates, languages, and plugins. Your website includes the extensions you need to create a basic website in English, but thousands of additional extensions of all types are available. The Joomla! Extensions Directory is the largest directory of Joomla extensions.