Fixing "One or more logs int he query have errors" problem. FIXED FOR ME!

Event Viewer query error message: “One or more logs in the query have errors”

Problem in Windows 10

Tags: eventviewer, queries, task scheduler query error


Usually after an OS upgrade many things can break.  Event viewer will start throwing up a message when you go into certain “query” views such as the “Microsoft-Windows-Taskscheduler/Operations”. Usually this is because a component that event viewer was configured to monitor no longer exists or is corrupt after the upgrade.



One or more logs in the query have errors

The system cannot find the file specified or specified log event

The events displayed are partial results or no results at all





I had issues with a folder created with an apostrophe.  In my task scheduler folder, I named it “Chuy’s”

Although the name was not an issue with Windows 8.1, after my upgrade to Windows 10, I started to see the errors above.

 NOTE: This is a quick and dirty fix, so use at your own risk. Recommended to back up any registry keys before deleting just in case.

Create a new folder without apostrophes and import your tasks there. After that, my event viewer started working normal on Windows 10.

Event viewer should now open without those pesky log errors.

Good Luck. Hope this helps!



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